So uh.

I built a thing.

It's for the BFTGM.

But uh.

I entered it last minute ._.

Check it out if you so desire.


Nice! I really like the legs and feet, they look incredibly unique and cool!

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Creative. A lot more unique than Nox stuck_out_tongue

@BioRaiders532 Thanks! They were, ironically, the easiest part of the MOC once I figured out how to use the Mata feet.

@Leoxandar Thanks! Glad to hear you think so :3

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i'm About 95.4% positive this Wasn't intEntional, but it lookS like he has black vahi On his feet. which is really cool. and that's the first Moc I've sEen with ribs.


Well, sorry to disprove you, but that 4.6% is correct. That foot design was first used as a test design for a Kanohi from my story called the Kanohi Omnus. I figured that since I wasn't going to build the original "Nightmare" (who made the mask), that I would go ahead and give it to this guy as an easter egg =P

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I should know this, but I don't, or I've forgotten: where's the black Tahu sword piece from?
Also, neat spine.

I honestly don't know. It just kinda showed up in my collection with my recent eBay haul.

I know so :stuck_out_tongue:

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Set #4748 Ogel's Mountain Fortress.
T'was a "Nightmare" trying to find that info.
So, you can rest assured it is not a painted piece. ('Cause I thought it was)

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I was aware it wasn't painted, thanks to some Brickfair convention pictures I found of a Razar MOC that used a ton of that part for the wings.

Epic MOC! I love everything about it, but for some reason its face reminds me of the Puppet from FNaF2.

Well he's the Lord of Nightmares so I suppose it's only fitting >:3

The face was probably the most rushed part of the MOC to be honest. I meant to make a custom head earlier, but my sister came home from college and I decided to spend time with her instead. It was this or a Gorast head, so I think I made the right choice =P

It might have been rushed, but the head still looks great in my opinion.

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Fun fact, that head is also reused. It is a recolor of what was, ironically, considering "Nightmare's" original origin story, Ekorak 2015 pre-pre-pre-design's head, which was original going to be a recolor of him into white with trans-dark blue.

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