Nike Kraata?

There was this promotional transparent orange Kraata, which came with Nike shoes. It’s unique on a matter of transparency, but we also have Kraata-Kal, whose Kraata we’ve never seen. It would certainly fit in color scheme of Kraata-Kal and has currently status of non-canon.
Can you confirm, that promotional Nike Kraata is Kraata-Kal’s Kraata?


Greg didn’t make Kraata-Kal, so it’s unknown what detail of information he has on it. Also, seeing as it’s promotional material, it’s probably just non-canon…
I still wanna know what his kraata is.

After thought: Kraata-Kal’s color scheme is that of the Rahkshi of Darkness, whose kraata is yellow and gold (which is kinda similar to orange if you squint.)

The Nike promotion played no role in story. It was just a promotional item, far as I know.