Nikila, member of unfortunate Team-Cordak.

Hey guys, it’s me.
I bought Toa Nikila’s kanohi a few months ago, and this thing is EXTREMELY awesome.

-link in shapeways.

Though it’s ends are bit sharp, one of the coolest mask, I think.
recommend it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Whoa, that’s incredible! Looks very accurate to the art!

I love how the “dual molding” on the mask looks. And the moc is great, it looks like the art, but also does good changes. Also the spikes are great.


Very well done, though I feel like the legs could maybe use a bit more white to balance out the colours.

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Ah this moc looks pretty good. I quite like the way the torso and arms are built up, but I agree with @Mr.Monopoly in that the legs need a bit more white. Perhaps you should switch out the dark blue feet for white ones?

or you could swap out the inika thigh armor for white?
not gonna lie, this is one of my favourite Nikila’s!!!

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eh I feel like making the feet white would balance it more.

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I saw this MOC on Instagram a while ago, and I absolutely love it.

Nikila’s hard to translate into physical parts, so i definitely appreciate and accept the idea of entirely reinventing her. It just works out so much better than trying to translate that over-complex drawing.

Nice mask marbling too. I’ve been trying something similar with little success.


the Cordak deserved better, looks great tho


nice build! looks very solid

She’s the one that worked with lesovik, right? I got confused and thought she would have a cordak blaster

thanks I’ll try that!

@Toa-Panem yuup.


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It’s very neat and nice!