Nimrack,Night Rahkshi

As in this season everyone began to make Rhakshi, I made one too. I don’t have so much to say. I hope you like it, see you later with another MOC!


A little skeletal, but it works. Maybe try beefing up the body just a little bit, the spine is really cool though.

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Cool, but it doesn’t really look like a Rahkshi.

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Nice! This may be my favorite MOC you’ve made! (I mean, Rahkshi used to be my favorite) The legs look very creative and feel like the strange monster/exo-suit that the Rahkshi are. The arms, while being skeletal, look really unique. My only two complaints are how technic-y the chest and spine are, and the fact that he doesn’t have a name.


One edit later…
Nimrack, night Rahkshi
And thanks everyone!

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Cool, but it looks like it is constantly falling over

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Nope, it’s really stable

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Night Rahkshi or Nightmare Rahkshi?


I think both

Update: I put some teeth there

And I made a backstory for him:
Nimrack is the founder of League of Shadows (LoS) an alliance of the worst villains. As he is, he doesn’t talk so much, and does it only when it’s time. He enslaved matorans and executed any of them who didn’t accept his rule. He transformed the matorans in terrible villains like him, to establish an army of shadow…