Nimrack V2

This is basically the V3, but I haven’t posted it so I’ll consider this the V2.

I hope you enjoyed, I’d like to hear your opinions about this MOC, and thanks for checking it out.


The legs and arms look good, the back however sticks out as a bunch of unarmoured technic. The head is very well designed and is easily the most stand out feature, good job!


This looks really goo… Wait is that zerec zeye’s head? Really good use for it 8/10

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I’m assuming you meant to say “Nimrahk”…

The head design is good; the arms are good. The torso and legs have a little much technic; the beams specifically detract from the flow of the MOC.

Head is nice, the spines aren’t well integrated, I suggest reworking them to look a lot more flush as if they were part of the body, the whole torso can be redone I think, the arms are nice, even if I personally don’t like having a socket shoulder because it limits articulation, and the lower legs can be worked on, maybe just use a long CCBS bone, and then try to cover the back.