Nindzya - Corrupted Commando

A simple, dual chromatic MOC just for fun. I attempted a custom head/face. I’m not in love with the way it turned out. It’s pretty unique though I guess.

I also slapped Onua’s head on it as well. Gives it more of a ninja look, which is where I came up with the name:


I like the use of those 3d printed hand pieces, I dont relly like the fan on the chest tho


Thanks. Indeed those handpieces are amazing. I with they weren’t so expensive though.

Well, it’s very bright to say the least. I don’t really know what else to say about it, but it does look good.

This is kinda cool tho.

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The buzz saw on his chest looks a little odd, but everything else works out great!

Its all pretty cool except foe the buzz saw. It looks out of place

The head reminded me of Majora’s Mask, and I love it. Those piercing eyes man…

Great moc btw.