Ningee (V7)

Yo wassup? I’m going to immediately start out by mentioning that This MOC looks like @Shadowgear6335 's MOC Circuit on purpose. she is one of Circuit’s younger sisters and therefore uses a similar torso design and is a mono-eye by request of @shadowgear6335 himself.

Sorry I’ve gotten a few peeps who don’t read descriptions on my other posts for her. XD

Onto the MOC!


She’s pretty simple in design, mainly due to her small size

Also… She’s a diver robot :0 shes got tools attached to her hips, and fins on her arms and flippers for her feet, which she uses to study aquatic life forms.


Tada! Mermaid robo!


To see more views, here is her flickr album:

And also her youtube video:



Ayyyy It’s been a while, I rather enjoy this, I like the fan elements on the arms and there’s a lot of detail in here for such a small moc. Really great stuf :slight_smile:

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Her upper arms are spaghetti like, if she is usually swimming I dont get how that works

Gasp! Metru legs! You rarely use pre-fab Bionicle limb pieces, usually you go the custom route.


shes a robot. muscle mass doesn’t apply. I see how that wouldn’t make sense in the context of an organic being, however.

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It looks good, but not great.

The monochrome color scheme works but I feel that there should be a brighter color in the mix to spice it up a bit (even more trans-blue would work - I know it’s supposed to be a helmet, but still…). The possibility looks a bit restricted in the shoulders, but that’s only a nitpick. As @Asriel pointed out, it is incredibly skinny, even for a robot; I feel that water pressure would not be kind to her… My main gripe about it, though, would be the rough/busy texture. I’ve noticed that you tend to strive for smooth textures often, and I usually like how those certain MOCs come out. This MOC, however differs, a bit too drastically. If looking from a practicality/usefulness point of view, all the ridges would greatly increase friction and slow movement down in the water. From just a MOC perspective, you have some detailed elements (lower legs and chest) followed by smooth elements, plus it doesn’t have that same pattern throughout, giving it, in my opinion, a very in-cohesive look.

All that aside, the concept is a really interesting idea, which is noticeable to an extent. The added feature of attaching little tools and gadgets is neat, but adds to the busyness (It’s also interesting placement). My favorite parts about the MOC would be the fingers, the head, and the arm flippers, which are all integrated nicely.

Overall, it’s a good MOC, but it could definitely use improvement.
Keep up the great work!:+1:


Really like the designs on this MOC. Especially the head, which does pull of a scuba-diver mask-esque look to it.
I do like the MOC overall.

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Its nice! If there was a bit of trans blue spread out itd be amazing! Good job!

That mono-eye is surprisingly creepy. The upper arms are kinda thin, but she’s a robot and consistent thickness to limbs doesn’t really matter. Great job as always!

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I don’t really see why those feet are used so frequently. I understand they are intended to be high heels, but they sort of just look like blocks of technic (nor do I understand why many female MOCs must have the same high heels).

About the rest of the MOC, it looks interesting but some parts of the design feel a bit lacking of distinct characteristics. The color palette feels overall monochrome, and doesn’t stand out well in my opinion.

While I like the design overall, I just feel like the MOC in general, save for the scuba flippers, feels very void of characterful elements.

Debatable. She still needs room for motors, wiring, and structural support.