Ninjago: The Future Ninja custom story minifigures part 1


Uploading… I have Jason, the son of Nya and Jay, Axavar the Orachni, who is from another dimension, and I have upgraded Jason.

All of these characters are from my custom story, Ninjago: The Future Ninja and are not actual Ninjago characters. These minifigures I had to decide the body’s of and your free to guess the actual sets these came from, it’s fine by me.

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If it’s just minifigures post them all in the same topic. I don’t want to go through 8 or more topics for some minifigures.

I tried to do that, but the site said that I could only post 3 photos in the same post. I try, right?

I don’t remember having that restriction when I joined. Weird.

I know, I tried it when I uploaded Lynis, but the same thing happened

Still, you could just put new additions in the same topic through regular posts.

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The boards are weird because they say I can only upload three pictures at a time.

At a time? Then do that. Select three pictures and wait for them to upload fully, then select 3 more and just repeat until you have them all. If that’s what you meant then no wonder I never had that restriction when I joined.