Ninjago: TLDR Discussion Topic

Welcome one and all to the discussion topic for Ninjago: TLDR. It’s only been on the TTV Channel for a month and a half, yet it’s already my favorite of TTV’s non-podcast content. Join @IllustriousVar as he guides* us through LEGO’s smash hit cartoon series, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. After giving his unique insight, Varderan provides us with his true thoughts about the episode(s).

* Var teaches us Ninjago lore as accurately as he allegedly plans to teach his future children colors.

Here are the episodes so far:
Episode 0: "Way of the Ninja" and "King of Shadows"
Episode 1: "Rise of the Snakes"
Episode 2: "Home" and "Snakebit"
Episode 3: "Never Trust a Snake"
Episode 4: "Can of Worms" and "The Snake King"
Episode 5: "Tick Tock"
Episode 6: "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" (Deleted)
Episode 7: "The Royal Blacksmiths"
Now go forth and discuss this exciting new TTV series!
EDIT: So, uhh, as you probably already know, Ninjago TLDR is cancelled, and the episodes that had already been produced are lost.


I love this series. I was sold when "Manime" was first uttered, and he then dueled the "Marlyn Manson" skeleton. 10/10 awesome comedy.


And of course the unforgettable sensei Reydan.(Rayden?) Ninjago TLDR is most definitely my favorite show on the TTV channel. Now to wait till next friday.give or take a couple of days. /s

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I think it's Raiden. Mortal Kombat joke.

This is my favorite non-podcast show from TTV, and I honestly wish the wait would be shorter....I want the next episode yesterday.


This is probably one of my favourite shows on the channel.

I'm already hooked on this show. The humor is on-point for me, it's nice to have someone step back and take a more critical look at the show, something I tend to have problems with.

I really am enjoying the series and actively wait each week for new episodes. Ive also started suggesting it to people outside the boards


I love Var's reimagining of Jillian Michaels' experience in the recording booth for "Never Trust a Snake" and the fact that he continued to call Samurai X "Santa" after Kai's hallucination in "Can of Worms".

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I love this series because I don't want to have to watch all the Ninjago Episodes. Now I can watch a more entertaining and condensed version. Thanks Var :smile:

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Honestly at first I was kind of like "What is this??" and I felt rather uninterested about it given how old the episodes are BUUUUUT after seeing a few I really quite like the series and I enjoy that it is broken down in depth afterwards. It works for me.

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This series is pretty good. It may not always have funny moments, but it's the closest for a Ninjago abridge. Not to mention since the Ninjago movie coming up it will help people to know what to expect in a sense. Good job @IllustriousVar and keep on going until you feel like it's done.

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I've fallen out of Ninjago since the Rebooted series, but I do enjoy this series. It's nice to look back at some of the older episodes and really helps to convey the whole story better.

This series' approach to the Ninjago TV show is something I can sum up with one of my own catchphrases...

"Well when you say it like that, you make it sound stupid!"


Just wait until they get to Reb00ted... :joy:


Woo boi.

I just want the entire series...right now.

Just wait until they get to the Mega Weapon arc. Var's already torn up his Destiny's Bounty to express mild irritation. I'm hoping for something Solek-chainsaw tier for "Wrong Place, Wrong Time".


If there is one thing I want to know;
Music used for "Candyland"
Duh da na

Seriously though. What is it?

So, I'm going to date this video,

but it's been 2 weeks since episode 6.

No new episode,

and at this time, episode 6 has been deleted due to copyright claims.

@IllustriousVar, is TL;DR canceled or am I (and maybe others) too impatient?

I liked this show after watching around 6 episodes, I didn't see episode 6 is about, but I hope we've going had a YouTube Edition of that episode, and this is the first time too see what the Ninjago series was like.