Nisgi 6.0

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Real talk

He is clean

abit too clean

Also, I would say: make lower arms more interesting

Aslo, silver foot is becouse of lore? : flushed

No its because I was too lazy to find my other one

I want him to be smooth textured.

Welpvthen its kay i guess....

Those shoulders should be closer to head! ;w;

no they should not.

Im preety sure they should

Well, for my taste...
And general knowledge... unless he he is realy buff on neck... but that woudl make no sense ;w;

it will not look good.


I can do this.

i'm following you at this instant.
I'm Benjamin Céré/Ghosty over there,if you're wondering.

Also Nisgi looks cool. however the white looks a bit out of place,but nothing major.

It is cool.

I think this is the first version of Nisgi I actually like, although I could be mistaken.

Are silver shins in general because of lore?

Oh yeah, and I'm following you now.

Its armour.

That. Silver. Foot.

It must be eliminated...


Look man I need it to work on my Ge- Eerr.

I am too lazy to find another.



I don't know what else to say...

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i like it. i think, tho, that unless the skull spider is staying on his shoulder, you should take some silver off of his back and redistribute it in the shoulders. other that that, the 08 miru looks rlly rlly good with HF armour

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You don't need to, that's your catchphrase. :slight_smile:

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