Nisgi 7.0

The 7th Incarnation of my self moc
This is my final MOC of 2015, at least
“serious” MOCwise

I decided to go out with a bang
pew pew
I am particularly proud of this MOC, I had a ton of fun making it too, albeit the shoulder connections are fairly unstable, I connected it to a 3 long lightsaber rod
not the arm itself, but the piece I connected to the arm
Front shot, nothing much to really explain
Oh, I suppose some context onto what I based this guy off
I gave it a samurai aesthetic, basing it mostly off Kamen Rider Gaim’s Kachidoki arms
The weapon is pretty much trash, I made it quickly to just give him a weapon
I don’t want him to have a sword, unless I find a way to make it really unique
I will give him a better one at some point
Backshot, I think I covered his back up well enough where nothing really bothersome shows
You can also see into his head, where you can see I used dark red exo force arms for the eyes
I think it gives off a cool look, mostly because they arent his actual eyes
its still kinda part of his helmet
it say its meant to be a glowing effect almost
I dunno, I really like it

Also, this guy (surprisingly) took little time for me to build
in comparison with my dragon, which took months for me to finish
Heck, even mocs like Dantheus took a while to finish
now it feels like I can make these things at mach speed

Constructive Criticism is appreciated, Hope you enjoyed it!


This is great. I can’t find a place to critize, it really does everything well.

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This is pretty amazing looking, I really like it. How tall is he?

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How tall?
I only have a 15 cm ruler handy atm, so just by pure guessing, he is about 21cm, or 22
that is, not counting the height of the blades on his back

Huh. He looks short.

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he is relatively short
he is shorter then his previous versions


Pretty nice looking, definitely the best version so far.

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I quite like it. There is, however, an aesthetic choice that’s really bugging me here; those smooth lime slopes on the crotch. They kind of make it difficult to discern where the body ends and the legs begin, giving the appearance of an oddly long torso. I’m not 100% sure how you could circumvent that look… Perhaps a different color or just by moving them up?

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Moving them up would be hard
not sure what different colour I could use

I want to say silver, but I don’t know that those are terribly common. Maybe just a different design entirely?

I hate to tell you to root out that whole section, but I’m not really sure what else you could do…

How does he look without those two parts?

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you know what I could do
Those same parts, but like
in a 1x2 variant exist
Il see if I can find them
and try em out

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Would add some vines or something to the arms, given the leaves on the thigh. Other than that i like it :slight_smile:

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Great build, with nice color distribution!

I’d recommend using a bit smoother of a mask, but that’s my only critique.

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His shoulders look a little too close together, but that’s just a personal thing, really. He looks really good, build wise!

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Impressive. He has a real nice, professionally built feel to him. This is very clearly something that has been through seven revisions, because it just is good. i feel like the legs are a bit short, or maybe the arms are too long, I’m not sure. Either way, It bugs me.

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Ive seemingly lose all my leaf pieces to space and/or time, il go on a search for them, and put them on the arms

It would be very hard for me to change the mask, ive had that there since version 2

I dunno, they look fine to me
Thanks though!

arms probably

off cours i am an proffessinal
seriously though, thanks a lot

Thank you to everyone, its a ton of overwhelmingly positive feedback I wasn’t expecting!

Like, seriously
Thank you all a ton!

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This is amazing!

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this is really good (better then my Mocs :sleepy:)
the only thing I don’t like about this Moc is the leaves on his hips.
good job

Really like the look of this MOC. I can definitely see the similarities from him to Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms , with the exception of a the mask but still cool nonetheless

Very nice, t8o! I’d say he looks rather smooth, with a consistent color scheme of lime and Metallic Silver. Quick question: how many modules (pinholes/balljoints) tall is he?