Nisgi, master of jungle

And here is, my other s- wait another self moc?
thats stupid!

other dude is this guy

New dude is this guy

Not completely satisfied with the entire moc, but I will point out that the reason I put 3 different green shades is to actually represent different shades of leaves
I didnt manage to spread the colours very well, and such

also, this moc was posted on my 100th day and stuffs, so thats cool


Nice! I love how "Jungle-y" he looks. The teal on the shoulders really sticks out though.

Creative use of the jungle element... banana placement is a bit odd though

Thanks, the teal was originally to go with the old colourscheme of toas of jungle, but then I said screw it, and forgot to remove it

Its the gorillas maaaaaaaaaan
Only possible excuse I can think of atm

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This is actually really neat. Could always use improvement, but still looks gid.

Also, don't think we don't know what you did with the name.

Oh I am sure everyone knows
also, like the body I put the least effort into, as I was in a rush to get it ready for today, my 100th day

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Very nice integration of the plant matter.

I really like this. The colouring, the vines... Well did, good sir. Well did.