Nitrana WIP

Was a while since my last MOC, so:

A size comparison…

Back again with a MOC, this time a female MOC. That’s not much to say, except that this took a lot of work to find a good female torso, but still fun. This character’s backstory is still on it’s way.

Hope you like it,CC really appreciated.

EDIT: After seeing this needs to be fixed, I made it into a WIP.


She’s definitely interesting, but the hair and the feet detract a lot for me, as well as the seemingly helter-skelter color scheme.

This looks very… odd, to say the least.

The colour scheme is interesting, but the neon orange detracts from the look.
The build is very messy, and I find the asymmetrical look just doesn’t work here. The skirt is very odd too, as the front appears to be attached to the legs, not the hips. I get that the dragon wing as a cape was inspired by

because you asked about it in that topic, but I feel it doesn’t work here, as the wing piece is a different length and colour to the front skirt.

Overall, I like the asymmetrical concept, but it just isn’t executed well.

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The feet are weird

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It honestly looks like an incompleted tablescrap.

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this needs a rework, this looks like a version one to see what it looks like

pros, looks female, good colour scheme, a nice cape

cons, bad colour distribution, bad foot design, bad weapon (is it even a weapon? looks like scrap metal you’d pick up from the ground to protect yourself when you have nothing)

R A H K S H I - H E A D - G I R L, bad hair design, what even are those arms?

what even is this photography?

i believe you can do better, looking forward to v2

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I did not, that idea came to me before. I’ll see if I can make this better…

“Doom Lady,” No offense intended but couldn’t you have thought of a better nickname?

Because this MOC looks doomed with problems

@Toa_Vladin please be more constrictive, if you have nothing to say than “Horrible MOC” just don’t post here.

This character is important in it’s story, so I want it to be a good MOC. Perhaps we can fix it through a WIP.

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He just said that it looked like a tablescrap, not ‘Horrible Moc.’


Never mind, but that’s what I understand through that.

I never said that it is horrible, I only said that it looks unfinished.