Nitro A High-Speed Character

A simple moc that I built to test some ideas. Not bad, and there are still some areas that need improvement. He is really poseable, though.


So all there is to his character, is that he goes fast. Hmm.
As for the moc itself, great work. I love the piston looking bits in the torso.

The Flash.


@MaximusPrime There’s more to this character, but it is kind of confusing unless you know the story behind him. I didn’t want a wall of text for people to read through.
@Cyclopian Pretty much. Or a combo of Iron man and the flash.

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Looks pretty good, iron flash!

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The lower legs look real good…

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@LTVmocs Thanks.

@EvilLobsterKing Those were the first part I thought up and the inspiration for the rest of it. Thanks. It’s pretty solid as well.

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Really like how he looks. Awesome colourscheme.

Nice moc, really like the legs, especially the calf thrusters, has a good flow to them.

@AdamusTheFirst Thanks!

@Tobin-Bartram Thanks. They were the first part I built and the most cohesive.

The fact that you were able to use that piece already makes this Moc amazing.

Did you have to poke a hole in the top?

Hello, McDonalds? Yea, I found a robot in my happy meal.


@Darknova3529 Nope, Everything is conected around it.
@Xing1870 Best happy meal toy ever!


What piece?

@MaximusPrime The Mistika blaster pump piece.

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He seems like a Bionicle version of The Flash. 8/10

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Yup. There has been plenty mention of that lately.


I personally get more of an Iron Man feel from it.

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Introducing, Ronald McDonald, now as a Hero Factory Hero.

In all seriousness it’s really good, and pretty cool. The forearms bother me, being so small, and only having two awkward french fry fingers. Also, the nuva diaper looks odd, other than that it’s very nice.

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That is the first time I’ve seen the pump from the Nynrah ghost blaster used in a MOC.

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