Nitro Ice (My old MOC)

this is on of my MOCs that I am proud of because I have incorporated the white motorcycle piece which I have had much difficulty putting it into a MOC. So yeah this is my MOC
Enjoy :smile:


This has got some crazy parts usage, great job...

Neat you don't see that many Skakdi Mocs around here

:heart_eyes: A Skakdi!!!
While not very complex this guy looks incredibly cool, the parts usage is very creative. Very well done :thumbsup:

Also where are those white shoulder pieces from? I've never seen them before.


Is this an Inika build? If so, it's pretty heavily modded and looks great!

Noice Wurk!

An old Exo force set

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Hordika, so yeah it is

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Cool! Again, it works for your MOC!

just remember kids this is coming for you in your sleep


His weapons look rather long and unbalanced. They look like they would be difficult to use, even if he was really strong. Maybe add some axles to the bottom of his hands to make the handles look longer. That might help. Besides that, I like the 2006 vibe this guy has going. That was one of my favorite years.

Its More of a nightmare than