Nitsar The Av-Matoran

Strong, tough and protective, he will stop at nothing to protect his fellow Av-Matoran on Karda Nui

Wields climbing hooks to climb the steep stalactites of Karda Nui

Can store the hooks on his back


He looks good, although I really dislike the torso piece you used (but that doesn’t detract from the moc).

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You dislike the actual torso piece, or the CCBS armor plate?

I would suggest putting a black or red head piece, instead of the light grey one you have, I’ve never liked these wider torsos for the Agori/Matoran, but if you like that one, you should leave it. His head also sticks out a little.

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The actual torso piece. The first one I got was with Photok, and i hated it the second I laid eyes upon it. I dislike how it puts the shoulders right next to and above the head, making the matoran/agori look like Igor from Young Frankenstein. The CCBS shell is fine though, and I do like how you implemented it.


I have just one question… Why did you use the old hau and the old head when there is a hau that fits the av-matoran head? Cool moc BTW. He looks better than the regular matoran :smile:


I find it okay, since there is already a slimer variant to that torso piece. Plus, it gives the character a more brutish, stronger look.

The sockets on all my av-matoran heads are snapped beyond repair. Plus, the new hau is too small and made the gap on his chest visible.

Fixed a few things:
-Made the head a notch higher due to head movement issues
-Added some red technic bits to his thighs to balance out colour scheme
-Holds the hooks differently


I figured that was why. He looks even cooler now BTW :smile:


UPDATE I am way too proud of this guy than I should be

Replaced the hooks with climbing claws, because they looked more menacing and fit better for his overall look.

Also beefed up the arms with a few technic bits.

And I changed his eye colour from regular trans green to trans neon green, because I just found out that Av-Matoran can only have light green or yellow eyes for some reason.

Claws can be stored on his back, but the tan pins are too much of a hassle to detach.


These are great improvements for what you’re going for IMO! I know that other people that see this might not think so, but I like it! :smile:

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I never thought an av-matoran could look this good…


Actually, I think my biggest problem with the original may have been that the arms weren’t beefy enough to make that dreadful torso piece (hating on the piece, not you) work. The technic bits you added though not only improve the color scheme, but help to make the arms look better with the overall moc.

Keep up the good work.

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Nice work here!!

@Booster_Gold, thanks!

@noob1234, despite the hate against Av-Matoran builds for being too “Galidor-esque”, I don’t think that it’s their parts that are at fault. It depends what you add-on to those pieces to make them look nice and detailed. I’m thinking of making more of these guys using different coloured Haus, but most of my Av-Matoran limbs have snapped sockets, so I don’t think I can pull it off.

@Silver_Falcon , indeed. Skinny arms on a bulky body are always an annoyance.

@RaptorTalon19, thanks!


  • Beefed him up severely to give him more of a rugged barbarian look.

  • With shredder claws

- Super Barbarian Mode

  • Storing weapons is as easy as one-two-three.

Feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and all that jazz.


In all seriousness he looks fine, he’s just a bit simple in his skeleton.


I really like this guy! Thought the gunmetal and tan clash a fair bit. And the arms could use just a bit more red. :smile:


“This is the magnificent Rockho, beefing up one of the worst builds in history. this man has achieved the impossible! HE MADE THE AV-MATORAN BUILD LOOK GOOD!”

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The moc is too simple for my tastes, but for an av-matoran build it’s pretty good.

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