No1inparticular’s w.i.p’s and updates

Hey everyone this will be a collection of Mocs and updates I’ll be posting for as long as I’m on this site.

Let’s start off with the wips
Name:Yellow gloves
Story: Universal report

Name: Yttirum
Story: M.I.A

Yttirum update 2

Not much changed here just finished up the arms.

Moc rank: self moc mov
Story: universal report.

things I’d liked changed: I want to make the whole torso black as to add to that suit look.

Name: Viron
Moc rank: self moc mov
Story: universal report

Name: temp: lizard boye

Name temp: fancy knight
Story unknown


Name temp: toa of plantlife
Story unknown(probably origin)


Moc mov

Story: elements United

And time for some updates.


As you can see I added another technic cam to Calvary and made Art some legs to use when he’s not wearing his boots.

Wip Torp
Status: still a head


The Toa of Plant Life and Yellow Gloves are my two favorite. The duplo plant usage is genius.

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the toa of plantlife reminds me of the jolly green giant with the strap of leaves across his torso, he is probably my favorite, well done!

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Thanks. What do you mean duplo,
I didn’t put any duplo on it.

@optimus_priminski thanks a lot of people seem to really like my toa of plantlife.

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My bad, I thought you were using the larger duplo version of the vine piece. NPU either way.

Yellow gloves update 2.

As you can see I’ve gotten rid of the actual gloves for now and added a gas mask.


Nice, reminds me a lot of Immortan Joe.