NoCash's Bionicle Vacation Pictures that are really late

Well this is really late because I forgot about/neglected/procrastinated to do this topic, but basically I went on vacation last month and I took some bonkles along because I'm cool.

Masters Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa were the lucky trio, with Pohatu as the star. As you'll see, we went to the Blastfurnace of the United States (the Southwest), the area I basically consider PoWahi. It might've been incredibly hot, but besides that I had a great time. If only I could go in winter... Someday.

Anyway the first picture we have is of a bunch of ice.

This happened like the first day, just some massive hail storm that we thankfully weren't caught in. I instantly knew it would be the only chance poor Kopaka would get to have a proper photo, so I snapped something through the window. He spend the rest of the trip very hot and upset. He didn't get a lot of attention.

First major stop was Mesa Verde National Park, which is one of my favorite places. Went years ago and I'm glad I got to refresh my memory. I really didn't want to take a Bionicle to any cliff dwellings, so have Lewa hanging from a tree at our campsite.

Next big stop was the Hoover Dam/Las Vegas area. No, no pictures of Lewa gambling or Kopaka slipping off the dam i'm sorry, but the state park we stayed at was my first real chance to take some pictures of Pohatu. Valley of Fire State Park has these giant, gorgeous red rocks.

And then we were at Arches National Park, another great place to take pictures of Pohatu. Course, we immediately had Lewa in the Joshua tree at our campsite, and then some arguing over directions, but then got into the park. In the same day we also visited Canyonlands National Park (last picture), which is real close to Arches.

We went to some other places, but I didn't get pictures everywhere. This is probably enough for you guys to enjoy anyway.

Bonus Boredom Pictures


I really like the pictures of Pohatu in the desert. smiley


I just realized Pohatu has spikes on him in your pictures.
Did you add spikes on Pohatu?

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great pictures

Well when I built Pohatu I didn't enjoy the way his arms turned out, so I moved stuff around and added the extra spikes that were included in the set. Also I've modified both Kopaka and Pohatu to be left-handed.


I really like these smile

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very beautiful

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Well then.
I got to admit your pictures look great!
Especially Lewa's and Pohatu's.

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These are pretty neat. For some reason the shoulder ride one cracks me up. :3

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The last time I brought Bonkles on vacation, I had my backpack searched because they thought that it contained weapons stuck_out_tongue


I live in Colorado so when I saw the Mesa Verde pictures I got excited.

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Holy crap Rockho
what bionicles were they

eyy it's a great place!

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It is a pretty cool place.

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It was Rotor. Those giant Brutaka blades must've given me away


Wow! Those are some pretty nice photos. Hope it was fun. grinning

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Other than trying not to be awkward in public with Pohatu, it's always fun taking pictures of my bonkles.