Non-Bionicle Mask Powers

There are quite a few masks from other themes, and I’ve thought of a few powers for them, could any of these ideas be considered cannon?

The user of this Kanohi may swap places with any target within a certain range and keep the target’s stance and momentum. This would be useful for combat, because you could use the punches your enemy throws against them.

This beauty (my self moc’s primary mask) can replicate any mask’s power in a certain range, but only if you understand the targeted mask (some masks are drastically harder to understand, for example to replicate an Olmak you must have a great understanding of the many worlds interpretation, and the mask of time and of life are pretty much unreproducible)

Using this mask, you can throw and manipulate your voice.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “masks from other themes”?

He was looking into the possibility of getting those helmet designs (all of which are from Hero Factory) canonized for the Matoran Universe, I believe.

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Me just throwing in my opinion here but I see no reason to canonize helmets from hero factory in official canon since they would not effect the plot and aren’t really related to bionicle other than being compatible system wise, not to say it’s a bad idea I mean I love custom mask powers as much as the next guy


I really don’t know if an ask Greg post is the best place to ask for canonizing masks but I do love the mask powers you came up with! They seem fun and could be useful… Might use some myself.

No, I can’t canonize pieces made for another line.


Yeah that does make sense, it’s why I said this probably wasn’t the correct topic for this question, probably should’ve be in a discussion/whatever they’re called one.

@Eljay that’s correct, I was also spitballing a few ideas

Alright, thank you for your answer

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