Non-Permanent Heresy

I had the idea of using mod podge to make custom wings with transparent elements. Since, it’s water based, you have to worry about parts being permanently attatched. You can simply soak them in water and the glue will dissolve eventually.

The actual moc turned out ok. It’s been a while since I’ve built in this scale. Hope you enjoy!


This looks cool. She/he looks kinda like Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe.

Looks very neat, good job!

this remembers me of BlueCel’s moc,
looks really nice I like the wings

I love the digital vibe the wings give off.

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redbull gives you wings.


This is fantastically creative, and it’s great…

Lapis, is that you with Peridot?

Overall nice moc

Those wings man. Paired with the same kind of marble feel the takadox armor is giving off, the wings really work out here. I like it.

I really like the wings!

@Zekester I Guess somewhat. Mostly the wings.

@RaptorTalon Thanks!

@Asriel I would love to see what you are talking about. Thanks!

@Hutere That is exactly what they were meant to convey.

@Invader Those are typically more feathery than these.

@EvilLobsterKing. Thank you!

@LTVmocs Thanks!

@Novel Thank you! They pair surprisingly well.

@decepticonaiden. Thanks!


Those wings look amazing! :smiley:

Those wings are GREAT, im just confused about the name

@trev44 If you would read the description, it says that the wings are held together with water based glue and thus the name.

@Lord_Tuma Thanks!

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