Non-Standard Toa Powers?

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask the community what they would like to see if Lego decided to make a group of Toa within G2 that didn't follow the regular patterns from previous years. Think of if these Toa had abilities similar to the bohrok/bohrok-kal/rahkshi.

Green: Acid, Blue: Magnetism, etc etc etc.


I'd personally like to see a Toa of Iron or Sonics

Green: Air
Blue: Lightning
No Red, you get Orange: Plasma
No Black, you get Purple: Gravity
No White, you get Gray: Sound
No Brown, you get Tan (secondary colour of green): Cacti

And that is how the optimal Toa team would go.


I'd like these colors:

Orange: Plasma
Yellow: Lightning (Maybe blue-white is more accurate, but yellow's underused as a primary color, so...)
Tan: Sand
Lime Green: Acid
Purple: Gravity
Sand Blue: Magnetism (I think it fits)

Just to name a few...

Only problem is that a lime green bionicle would literally just be a pile of dust. You touch that thing once its gonna disintergrate.


Hey, that's not a bad power! If it was good enough for Johmak, it's good enough for me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, obviously it would be post-2007 lime green...much sturdier, that is...

Plasma, Psionics, Iron, Gravity, Sonics, and Light. (Altered to a green and white color scheme.)

I'd love to see Lego do a non-standard Toa team in the future. I've been planning to build my own for some time.

Gravity: Dark Blue, Trans-Yellow (not lime), and Gunmetal.

Plasma: White, Trans-Purple bones, and Trans-Orange.

Electricity: Yellow,Trans-Dark Blue, some minor black.

Motion: Dark Azure, Trans-Lime, Silver

Sound: White, Trans-Apple Green, and Gunmetal.

Magnetism: Black, Silver, Dark Red, and maybe Trans-Dark Red.

Air: Lime, Trans-Clear, and White.

Iron: Silver, Orange, and Dark Grey.

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Light: Gold/Trans-light green/Trans-light blue

Acid: Lime/Trans-Apple Green/Dark Green

Lightening/Thunder: Blue/Trans-Yellow/Gold

Sand: Tan/Reddish-Brown/Trans-Orange

Sonic/Sound: Blueish-Dark Gray/Gun Metal/Trans-Dark Red

Pysonics/Mind Control: Yellow/Yellow-Orange/Trans-Purple

Shattering / Orange,Dark silver
Air / Lime green
Sonics / Purple, Silver
Electricity / Yellow,Trans orange
Light / White,Trans yellow
Shadows / Black,G2 blue,Trans blue (not a villain plz)

portalisim (the ability to control portals) /black, trans purple
phantism (ghost stuff) /clear, trans grey

Really any solid variation would be nice. It'd give more chance for piece color variety at least.

Ah yes.
Reminds me of that Nick show.
"Water, Earth, Cacti, Air.
Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony.
Then, everything changed when the Cactus Nation attacked."


i just want a toa of lightning main blue second purple highlights yellow

I always was a fan of the Crystal powers. I don't think there was a Canon character, but I know the power itself is Canon.

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