Nooren, the Altair Knight



This is my album of Noore-erm... Nyran. I tried to draw this at...
braces for pun
This took about 30-40 minutes in my thought, but in reality, took 1-2 hours.
It sucks a lot.

I'd love some helpful critique from artists like:
and @Middlefingerstudios .
Comment and critique!




I like the idea, the thing I'd suggest improving is the cloaks wrinkles. Just make that flow and it's would look great. I do like the look and faceless style of this character, good job!


Looks kinda messy (the cape especially), but for a sketch I guess it's fine.

Could benefit from more shading around the folds of the cape. Face looks like a blob. Give him a chin or sharper cheek bones...


hello, someone wants my critique! learn people!

Cloak looks preety messy, and looks more like used bluarp sack (unless thats what you were going for ^3^)

shading seems ok at first, but then you see its abit messy

also, proportions seem very off for some reason, mabey its perspective?
and legs are not properly alined...

final thought?
special music

you like those



The pose is kind of awkward. I feel like drawing on top of a stick figure with realistic proportions would do wonders.

Drawing without a reference is hard, so don't let the critique get you down. Your sketch has the shading right, just get the proportions right and strengthen the shading and it'll look even more awesome!

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I actually did that. I think I messed up somewhere.
Also, that is true. I drew this without a reference, thinking the image of Nyran the best I could. That's why I covered the torso so much; I forgot his outfitting.

I guess it's the width that makes the sketch look a bit off: slap good horizontal lines on the stick figure for the hips and shoulders.

The angle you wanted to draw the figure in makes your job even harder: a straight forward or side perspective, while being less exciting, are way easier to draw. The legs also look funny because they're drawn at a different perspective. Either keeping the same angle throughout the drawing or twisting the torso would fix it.

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Good idea. I think thickening the legs would be suitable, since they look quite lopsided as of now. Maybe later.

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The pun made it lose 5 points.



so my only issue comes from his tiny limbs compared to his head, other then that it looks good

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I'd love some critique, anyone else would do!

If I had anything to say it would be that I can see how you tried to replicate a cloth ruffly kind of texture in the hood, that could use some practice. And the torso is a bit long.

Good art

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Seeing this makes me wanna see Nyran as Specter Knight.


Well, he is @Nyran, so... Thank Ny for the facelessness

For more of This Character, click here.

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