Nopasino's MOC Topic!

From now on, my official MOC... Pathseeker!

Pathseeker is a Dark Hunter. His profession in Metru Nui was headhunter, that means he hunted most dangerous Rahi for their heads as trophies. Once he traveled to Voya Nui and convinced (is it right word :?) Brutaka to send him into alternate dimension. He landed on the beach of Region of Earth and started seeking through it. When he found a cave that was big enough for him, he made his den in it. He didn't know anything about local Fauna so he eated only cave rats and weirdly shaped spiders. But soon he started wandering all over the island seeking food. When he discovered what to eat and what better not, he soon began to hunt local prey just for fun and he even dare on some bigger predators. His den became museum of trophies from his hunts. Now he's next target are the local Elders, which seem to have interesting masks. Enough talking, LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

Full topic with more pics can be found here:

Post your thoughts, constructive critism is always welcome!


dat main pic edit


2005 Dark Hunters style, bro wink

Questionable leg supports stuck_out_tongue

I wanted him to be quite old school MOC...

Probably coulda done the leg supports differently, then wink

I do appreciate the old-school Dark Hunter style though

Very very cool. It really has this old dark hunter feel to it... NICe !! smile

The old-school style's nice, but his arm articulation looks questionable.

Wait a sec... how are those arms attached?

I think my favorite part is the right arm's weapon.

It is attached on size 7(?) cross axle, which is decorated by gears smiley
You mean left arm with claws, don't you?

Oh, I see it now.

(facepalm) Yep, I meant left. I always get those two confused.

nice use of gears