Nor of the End

“Rest for the restless. None for the wicked. I’ll hunt them to the ends of this realm.”

The most feared Divided member, Nor’s motivations are the most unclear. His lifeless eyes strike fear, his presence scares the life out of the undead. He moves like a shadow, showing up in places despite his slow pace. Where Nor walks, soul hunters follow. No one wants to associate with him, fearing for their lives.

After the titans disappeared, Nor showed up, carrying a very familiar lantern. Despite his reputation, the Dreamers took high interest in Nor. Nor seemingly responded, as he’s been seen visiting them.


“Enemies”. They can talk to some extent, as dysfunctional as they are. (I kinda botched the lighting on this one.)

This build took a bit long to finish. Although he was done last year, I had to wait a bit longer to do some final touches, as well as find the time to photoshoot. But ye, new Divided member and first moc of the year. Hopefully the rest of the year will be good.


Very spooky looking - it kinda reminds me of Necrozma, actually.The build on that lantern is very cool.

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Pretty neat. I love the way that the kiina (no clue how to spell it) shoulder pieces look on it’s back

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that is a very nice hand design and i absolutely love it, great job.

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If you were looking for a creepy vibe I think you found it. Very nice shaping and detail.

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Gets the point across very well, although I think you could’ve defined the “face” a little bit better. It looks like you tried to use the transparent smooth plates as eyes but I think they blend in too much. I didn’t notice them until the 5th picture. Other than that it is superb in every aspect.

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Awesome! I think this is what Man-thing (Marvel villain) would look like if he were made of shadow.

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