Norashi, toa of pollution

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to call her. I just designed a transforming body and wanted to use it. Also it was a challenge to myself to make a female looking bio former.

The hammer on her foot can attach to her weapons

By replacing her head and unfolding the spine she can also become a rakshi / toa hybrid

And the tank thing mode. I’m not really sure what it is

And a dissected view of the vehicle

Halfway through this post I realized if I had all the toa metru I could clean up the leg kibble and colorswap this for a bio former metru team.


Man, you made a very good BioFormer with a reasonable amont of parts, and you have ■■■■ well succeeded! :slight_smile:

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Hahahahaha. Toa of pollution. Funniest concept I’ve heard today. It looks better with the rakshi head. The spacing of the shoulders from the torso looks a bit awkward, but that is lessened by the rakish head (Same with the upper thighs).

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This is cool. I like that Tank mode. :smile:

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I really like this. I love BioFormers when they are done right. But that’s just an opinion, a lot of people’s opinions.

This looks pretty cool, I like the tank mode particularly.

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Rakshi was the original form but one step was to flip the spine and head so I found that it looked toa metru like. Just built a toa head and folded the spine in to add a toa form.

The tank actually did turn out well. This is probably my best bio former as except for the legs it’s got no kibble.

the only other metru blue mask I have is waffle eye gali and we all know about that mask. I figured at least the hau blended in with her grey.

Although the Toa-Mode has issues, such as the strange proportions and the Color-Scheme breaking Hau, I still think it looks cool.

The Rahkshi-Mode works a 'wee bit less than the Toa-Mode, but it’s still pretty great.

The Tank though…

Let’s just say that it’s legit.

Well after some searching I found onuas mask doesn’t look too bad on her.


An infected Hau would be perfect here, but they’re kind of rare.

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Pretty nice!