NORKRAM, The Volcanic Rock Beast! (Selfmade MOC)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

welcome to my today's topic, it's about my newest MOC, NORKRAM, The Volcanic Rock Beast!! (also im Dutch, so my english can be bad sometimes :wink:)

i have taken a lot of time building this MOC, and now i can proudly say, its DONE. i am so happy with it, it is defenitly my best build so far.
This build is made by the original pieces from bionicle and CCBS. i think it worked great!

about NORKRAM: (just my own made up story)
Norkram is the only one of his kind, and lives in the center of a volcano that he self made. so yeah, with his powers, he can create volcano's and such things.
he is very on it's own, and if somebody comes near him, he will become very angry for no reason and will attack them. sometimes, if he is very angry, the ground around him will shake and explode, he is very powerfull.
even Tahu or Vakama (yes, they are both in my story :smile:) won't go near him.
you almost think Norkram is the creator of all the volcano's.
But the only weakness he has, is that he won't see you if you are not moving, just what a T-rex also has.

so yeah, that's it, my friends. i hope you like my MOC the same as i do!!


What do you think about NORKRAM?, let me know in the comments and thanks for all the support!!


very nice, love the chin hair

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that is the best use of the Ninjago Dragon lower jaw piece I have ever seen

like, folks have used the top piece plenty

but it's rare to see the lower one.



This looks amazing. I especially like the color scheme

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I haven't really seen the Raw Jaw head used all to often, and you certainly made it look great here, it just completes the overall fearsome look of the MOC.


@TheRed1s @Nyran @BioKnight @Stoax , Thanks a lot guys!!! :wink:

Excellently executed, That head is amazingly done and the shaping is great.

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quite the radical fellow eh?

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Head design is superb and everything else is quite good. The only thing I can't get around is the use of the 2001 head pieces are body armor, I can only visualize them as heads so they get kinda distracting.

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this looks awesome

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Well this is groovy.

I have never seen anyone use those Ninjago pieces like that before. I love the head man.
Eh the color scheme bothers me a little, I don't know why.
I really like the bulky look this guy has.
Is it an Inika, Cuase from the back it look like the worlds most original one?
I love it when people find knew uses for pieces.

Overall 8.9/10 Groovy MOC MAN! :+1:

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eff yesssss!! he's both ferocious and majestic looking at the same time. really outstanding color palette as well.

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Nice moc I really like the way that you built the head.

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He'd give Lava Beast a run for his money.

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