Nosferatu (1922)

Nosferatu is a classic, not to mention the first, vampire film (and still a better love story than Twlight).

It is a silent movie, and based off of Dracula, but the makers didn't have the rights to the book and thus created some new characters and different plot details to avoid this.

It also happens to be on Youtube, but it's pretty scary.



Nobody would know of this if it weren't for Spongebob.


you're right those eyebrows are pretty terrifying

Great movie; an excellent example of a horror movie that's haunting, but not exactly frightening like modern horror movies are. If you have the chance, go see it with live organ accompaniment; it's magical.

I didn't even know Spongebob referenced it XD

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Haven't seen it, but it brings to mind a couple references. The above mentioned Spogebob reference and..

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The fact that it almost did not exist anymore due to others trying to destroy the film due to supposedly being a violation of Dracula's studio rights is still baffling.

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I first watched this in German class. It was cool seeing it in its original language.

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TBH the only reason I've heard of that name was Spongebob.