Not A Real Spider [BIONICLE Short]

I need a better camera


Deserves more likes…

The Reviving Bionicle style will never get old! Great humor!


It’s very well done, but your lighting needs some work.

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Great man! That was hilarious!

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Always good to see more content from you man, that was great!

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Fear him.
Ignorance is key.
War is peace.
He will liberate us.
Only the strong will survive.
He is the one true Lord of Skull Spiders.

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It’s one of the greatest styles of biotubing out there.

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I lost it at the evolving part. :joy:


Thank you so much for your feedback everyone! :blush:

Thanks, I’m working on ways to improve that (especially if I plan to make more of these).

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Oh man! If it wouldn’t take too much time, you should make more!

I love the reviving Bionicle-like text to speech voices.

Dat evolution do

Anyways, this was a great little animation

Ah, the good old text-to-speech. Great video :thumbsup:

I think I laughed a bit more than I should have XD