Not-Hype/Limp Moments and Disappointments

Moments in your time where you get hype, but now you're just left disappointed in the dust. It is allowed to post the reaction to TTV's recent video, but I mean ANY Disappointment


The moment I realized my childhood was over and nothing I could do would allow me to go back in time and relive the moments I forgot to cherish as they happened...


When I saw the IFB episode, and TTV's latest video...

and the LOK ending.

When I found out that BIONICLE was not returning in 2015, I was so sad, realizing I had to wait 'til next year to try again, and maybe it wouldn't be back then either.

Then my new source told me it actually was returning.


Oh boy...

-Nintendo's E3 "Conferences" for the last five years, hoping for a new Metroid
-Hero Factory Invasion from Below's Special
-The BIONICLE serials' untimely end
-Halo MCC launching in an unplayable state and killing all hype and excitement for that particular release
-Destiny: The Taken King only giving three new dance emotes to people that rebuy the game and all its DLC for the "Collectors Edition" (thankfully that has been resovled)
-The Summer 2015 Skull Villains not having white bones/skulls but instead silver T_T





When I went to Seattle last week, I really wanted to go to Century Link Field (where the Seahawks play), but they didn't have tours because of stupid Kenny Chesney.

This is one reason I hate country music. I ruined my hype. Also, the Space Needle was a letdown.

Last week I went to a variety of stores in search of Ninjago summer 2015 and found nothing of the sort

That was disappointing.


As some of you know, I used to be a big fan of Destiny.

Well, one day while playing, it hit me how stupid the loot drop system is, and how little progress I made in long amounts of time.

I became so sick of the game that I gave my Xbox 360 to my dad.


The new "Gun Mettle" update for TF2. I was really hyped, I bought the campaign pass, then in an hour I had finished this weeks contracts, killed a fair bit of hype for me...

Saw 7.
The summer Bionicle wave could have been a bit better.
The last hero factory special for IFB.
Brain attack in general.
Nintendo E3 conferences.
The Star Trek film by J.J Abrams.

The ending to "How I Met Your Mother" was pretty disappointing, as with "The Day of the Doctor" Doctor Who Special.

Nekbeard's 2016 leaks turning out to be fake.

Not amazingly disappointing, but somewhat.


Bionicle 2008 amirite?

-Hero factory episodes. Ever single one of them.
-the bionicle stars were awful to me as a kid. The only reason I bought them all was for a golden tahu, oh I'm sorry a "golden bionicle."