Notice anything odd about the skull villains

Basically just what you noticed about the designs… Did something stick out to you in terms of parts count or color variation.

the clashing trans


Yeah. Skull Scorpio can’t move his frackin’ legs.

I’d say that’s a pretty glaring issue.


I can’t believe JMP is transphobic…

But I kinda agree there. Usually I like a unique colour scheme, but this is just stepping into the boundaries of “a mess”


How skinny the bigger sets are and how open the armor add on seem to be.

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They probably made the legs static because adding balljoints for all the legs would’ve made him pricier, and using moveable technic connectors wouldn’t have enough friction to hold up the huge tail, let alone support the weight of your hand holding it down to activate the function.

They could have done the body simular to the savage planet scorpion and then done the function, but the the price would be bumped up probably around $5.

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You can’t see it on the skull villains themselves, but if you look on Grevious that rib cage piece looks terrabad on its own.

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It looks pretty dang sick to me.


Yeah, it’s still cool, but the middle looks too flat.

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Scorpio’s tail. I know it’s a function, but I don’t get it! It’s huge, bulky and bizarre. Their masks look cool though

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The function doesn’t even work like a scorpion. XD

I get that the tail is supposed to spring down rather than forward, but I think that the designers wanted to make the function interactive with the Toa, so that the tail could clamp shut on a Toa’s torso. Thus they made it spring forward.


I get why it just looks bad, really bad, it other are fine, just not him

Yeah I see where you’re coming from. But I think a blade or even a launcher would be better. The claw thing is far too large. Also, why not make the front claws be the function? I think that’d be better.

Well I suppose I might as well mention how gnarly the torso prints are on some of them.

That’s some Springtrap-grade guts and gears, if I do say so myself…


Hmm… I just don’t see the reasoning behind the trans-orange pieces sticking out here and there on these sets, and I don’t understand why orange was chosen. To me, it just doesn’t seem like a bio-mechanical colour.

They probably did some tests with kids, and kids loved the claw. Overeggageration of a certain trait was always common in Bionicle sets. Launcher tails are rehashed way too much.

As for making the front claws the function, then Skull Scorpio would no longer be a scorpion; he’d be a skull crab!

I want to know if the TECHNIC pin connecting the TECHNIC piece in Warrior’s left hand to piece that comes with the protectors on his bow has friction or not (If it is blue like blue pins, or tan like the one in Warriors hand). If not, then by using the “Bashing Battle Arm” function, the bow should move up and down for aiming.


They are both tan.