Notoua: Warrior of the Caverns

Notoua was a Matoran living in the Great Caverns of Mata Nui. She often defended her village from Rahi and other threats.

When the Great Spirit Robot crashed and New Spherus Magna was formed, she became a guard for caravans before eventually settling down to live a peaceful life.

She wore grey and black armour, but was gifted a gold chest-plate and shoulder guard for her many victories. She wore a lighter guard on her right shoulder so she could swing her sword faster.

Notoua was often noted for her courage, but also her calm wisdom.

A noble warrior, Notoua would never send another to fight a battle she was not prepared to fight herself.

In her new, more peaceful life, she sometimes finds herself longing for the smallness of the world of the Great Caverns, and the exhilarating yet predictable excitement of that life.

Then she reminds herself that those days were more often filled with fear than fun, and thinks herself a fool.

Really a bit of a table-scrap build


I wish my actual MOCs were this good…


It’s all just practice my friend :slight_smile:
I call this a table-scrap because it uses a bunch of techniques I’ve used before. Despite that, it’s a worthwhile endeavour because it lets me see how existing designs of mine can fit together.
Just keep building and building - copy other’s designs (just don’t claim them as your own :stuck_out_tongue: ), try building outside your comfort zone… Just have fun :slight_smile:


I Love it!

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The face-shoulder bothers me considerably, I think it has more to do with the mask choice itself, I’d say even swapping the masks currently on the build would fix it, the mahiki is just to much of a face for me.

Otherwise, legs seem a bit long for a matoran, but the build is solid.

Yeah, I probably would have gone for a dark grey Ruru if I had a spare. shrug
Oh well.

I love the simplicity look, it could just use one thing, moveable fingers. :slight_smile:

Very Nice!

She’s kind of tall for a Matoran though. Also, what race of Matoran is she in canon?

I get the feeling the pictures don’t show how well the gold stands out. Especially in the 2nd picture from above, the gold seems to fade into the grey. Is a shame. More of a criticism of the pictures than the actual thing though, I guess.

Looks really nice.

Well, in my canon, where Voya Nui, Mahri Nui, and nearly everything introduced from 2005 onwards doesn’t exist, she’s an Onu-Matoran from the Great Caverns. The Great Caverns were the series of tunnels that connected Metru Nui to Karda Nui, and were initially inhabited by a handful of Matoran who would ensure that power flowed freely between the two essential components of the Great Spirit. The Caverns were plunged into darkness with the Great Cataclysm, and the Matoran there formed basic societal structures only slightly more advanced than those on the island of Mata Nui. With no Toa to protect them, a number of Matoran, such as Notoua, became knight-like warriors, defending the villages of the Caverns from shadow beasts and rampant Rahi.

She’s scaled to be a Matoran in relation to MOCs like these:


Yeah, it doesn’t quite show up. That said, this is the old bronze gold, so it does inherently meld more easily into greys and other dull colours

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