Nova blast need charging?

I’ve heard many times from friends who know some Bionicle lore that Nova Blasts needs charging? Is such true?

I feel like a chargable last resort would be… sorta useless and dumb. Why risk to charge it to only not even use it and get yourself oofed.

No, a Nova Blast doesn’t need to be charged - it’s simply the release of all elemental energy a Toa currently has. Charging up energy beforehand could make it stronger, but isn’t necessary (unless the Toa is already out of elemental energy).

They do need to recharge their energy after using a Nova Blast, of course.


It is also true the GSR does somewhat keep Nova blasts at bay too, right?

That it makes Nova Blasts go a certain distance to not destroy the Matoran Universe?

Such is not explicitly stated, so maybe, maybe not. I believe this preference is up to your own opinion. As for me I believe that Nova blasts have the same range and power no matter the place, the probability that Gali’s nova blast most likely being more than Jaller’s is due to A. Being on an island near an ocean and B. Jaller is underwater, it’s been said that he already had a hard enough time using his element as is, and releasing a nova blast in his current situation would dampen its range, so probably when he’s on Metru nui it would probably destroy the city seeing as he’s now on land. Another reason is that the great being’s probably wouldn’t make the Toa that powerful…or maybe they would…maybe that’s why the marender exists…who’s to say?

Edit: little thing I forgot to say but Odina is bigger than metru nui and so by that logic we can probably assume that the normal range for a nova blast (while drawing power from an outside source) will probably affect the area of something the size of Odina.

Edit 2: I think it’s already been said that beings inside the gsr can act and use their powers without outside limitations, I also believe that toa can also control the size of a nova blast.