Novel's floorscrap

I keep seeing all these tiny tablescraps. And then I remember: people actually are organized and use bins and tables. So, I made my own "table"scrap.

Yes, I took inspiration with the back spikes from @Djokson and his Makuta the Mask Breaker MOC (btw, Djokson, if you're reading this, I love you)

Ay look it's everyone's favorite shield in the middle of a bigger shield

Big thanks to my cousin again with these pieces... I have no idea where this color vahki blade came from.

And in case you wanted to see my horrible attempt at an original head, here ya go.

Anyways, yeah. This was entirely a floorscrap.
Don't believe me?

You can see where I sit too. I've got the fan and everything.

Also, I'd love to see if people can recognize some of my other mocs in this picture. They're ALL in there. And not intentionally, either.


This looks rad! The Spikes around its shoulders really make him pop!

It was from an Exo Force set

Heh, I used to be exactly like that but with less pieces :grin:


Calling @Hutere for this, as he is needed.

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I still build stuff on the floor. I just store it in bins.

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Actually, that's more just half-constructed bionicles than pieces.

Oh jeez, do I need his approval for the use of the shield here?

Am I gon git smited?

It's so much easier, right?

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It's very easy! So much room! (In the room! You get it? There's room in the room... I'm sorry.)


Great moc! I love the shield and the legs.

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Oh, nice.

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hey that's how I build too

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ya I dump my bins out too when I'm building my mocs

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Nice shield.





Is so gud

I didn't really dump out my bins. I never really had bins. There has always been a pile of bionicles on the floor

Yo, so I never got what it is with that shield and you. Maybe I just haven't taken the time to look around the boards, but maybe it'd be better to get it straight from you. So wus up wi dat


He's the one that pointed out that the clouds in the JtO poster looked vaguely like the Skrall Shield iirc.

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Really well done, especially for scraps. The head design is BRILLIANT!

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Bitte :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh, he messaged me, and showed me the podcast where Eljay reamed him.

Uuh, I actually hate the head. But, ok. Danke

new german word... uuh... uuuuuuuh....

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You are welcome :stuck_out_tongue: