Nua: The Rahi Hunter

This MOC was inspired by the hunters of the game Bloodborne. The weapon is based on the in-game weapon, the Saw Cleaver.

Here’s a bio:

Nua was once a young Matoran blacksmith. He left his village in search of adventure, with nothing more than his handmade blaster and a crude spear to protect himself.

The harsh environments, and the threats he faced forced Nua to grow and mature in ways he didn’t think possible. He encountered many Rahi corrupted by Makuta Teridax. Due to the frequency of these encounters, he dedicated himself to hunting these corrupt Rahi. He protected the villages of Mata Nui as the Toa fought against Teridax himself.

Lacking a Toa’s power, Nua relies on skills he spent many years mastering. He modified his spear, turning it into a more unique weapon. In it’s folded form, Nua can quickly cut and slice an enemy. Unfolded, it becomes a large cleaver; effective at ripping and tearing groups of enemies. This form is also effective against larger targets.

Sorry for the wall of text. Thanks for looking! Feedback is appreciated. :smile:


I can quit clearing see the hunter from Bloodborne in this MOC. I really like this MOC even though it’s just a basic Inika. But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion.


Thanks! Though I didn’t use an Inika torso. The the torso I did build is still very simple.

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no offense but
why you use inka torso you know how to make custom body

Purely a stylistic choice inspired by the game that inspired the MOC.

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So I made some modifications to Nua.

New arms, for better proportions. (As result, I tweaked the Vezon capes.)

I also included storage for the Saw Cleaver, allowing him to wield his blaster with two hands, or…

…to wield his new weapon, the Hunter’s Knife, if he wants to get up close and personal. The knife is stored on the thigh, and helps keep the soft goods in place around the left leg.

Thanks for looking, feedback is appreciated!


I don’t know if it’s just the camera, but those are some extremely clean parts.

Anyway, the build is simple but effective. I think the claw chest plate could have been executed better but otherwise well done.

Thank you! I shall take your comment about the claw armour on board. :slight_smile:

I love that saw spear

Thank you! It was surprisingly difficult to work out.

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When I first saw this, I was gonna comment on the green arms… but hey! you fixed it!

I like the design you’re going for too, but maybe give him actual hands instead of mata joints.

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I’m sure I’ll have some somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

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eh basic but cool
like some of my first mocs

Phenomenal dude. I played the snot out of Bloodborne when it came out. And the saw clever was absolutely my weapon of choice. So great to see it represented here in Bionicle form!