Nui Raptorus



I really like the build, but maybe removing some of the colors from the build would make it look more cohesive.


This looks cool, although I would replace the extra colors and add some thickness in the torso

This actually looks good but you might want to work on that color scheme a bit


I would get rid of the purple, gold and orange and then it will look like a good moc. I always love animal mocs, reminds me more of gen 1

Umm… it has no gold and one purple moc

no, there is goldish spikes and purple blue pieces on the hand

It’s yellow

no there purple and i am not colour blind

The piece he’s refering to is the blue hand piece.

Sorry i wasn’t being specific enough

It looks blue too me so I thought you were referring to the spike

ohhhhhhhhh sorry for confusing you

That’s ok