Nuparu Revamp


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Can we have a back veiw?

Looks cool, but dem Popeye arms…try using smaller shells on the forearms so that the biceps don’t look so thin in comparison

i know but unfortunately it limits the articulation

I can’t imagine how that would limit articulation…

The triangular bits stick out and rub against the inika shoulder armor making the arm stick out about 75 °

I like it! he has a bit of a hunch back going on though.

Since it’s a Nuparu revamp you could call it… New-paru…

Now don’t kill me.


love this a lot, only thing im not fond on is the hips look a bit wide, @Altair so good

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Nice! Love the little laser mask add-on. I actually like the big forearms though like other have said, the upper arms should be bulked up in some way (how about smaller CCBS bones with friction adders?). Not too sure about the silver. It feels a little bit out of place IMO. The feet also don’t feel especially “Matoran-y” to me. Finally, I recommend you try and light up your set up a bit more. It’s a bit dark.

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You made my day.

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Looks pretty good. Needs some more orange IMO.

The original didn’t have that much orange on him either.

Anyway, good moc.

Always been a fan of matoran revamps, and this one fits Nuparu perfectly.

It looks like a metal vest/backback that he wears over his armor if you ask me

Do not care for the stud on the chest.
I can tell it is supposed to be a heart light, but it looks like a belly button.

I can kinda see that. It’s a bit too integrated into hes chest though IMO.

Yeah, it’s a bit too low.

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