Nuva hunchbacks!

Remember these two?


So, let me explain… The point was to nuvafy them, obviously, but with a nod to the Uniters as well.
The main thing they have in common with the Uniters is, you guessed it, the silver on their masks. For the Toa Nuva, it makes even more sense visually, I think!
The other thing is that I changed some parts of their builds a bit, going for some more creative intricate stuff relative to before, while their legs still have the same build, but with different armor. I also added more translucent parts and accents, to give an impression of enhanced elemental power.
Now for a closer look at both of them individually…

Kopaka is my favorite toa, and I was sad to see him look so minor compared to the other golden uniters. I figured I’d right all the wrongs with this one! Lots of silver, lots of mass.
He’s armored like a Fire Emblem general, with a pair of shields to boot… Yes, that idea I owe to Yachtclub Games :stuck_out_tongue:

Onto Tahu, who needed some extra height, which I gave to him.
I gave him a lot of orange, and I moved the trans orange to his lower arms.
I wanted him to look fiery, with an imposing presence!
He kept his original fire sword, but it’s upgraded. Tahu and his sword are so iconic, figured he should keep that piece.
His design is very… Mobile, as in, there seem to be certain directions it all flows into. Let me show you what I mean!

That is all! Hope you guys enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Nifty little guys.

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They need to be living in Notre Damme



so much eye candy


They look very interesting. Definitely an improvement on the last design

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At first I thought those masks must have been some super rare collectible ones :grinning: great job.

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Those masks remind me of this:

Interesting MOCs, but I feel like they are a little too wide.

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