Nuva Mask of Undeath

I kind drew my own version of a Nuva Mask of Undeath.

note to self don’t press CTRL+ENTER

Mask Power: The mask siphons off a portion of the user’s lifeforce and once that user dies, the mask reanimates the body with the lifeforce. The nuva form also gives the user back their personality once they are undead, and gives them a strong desire to seek out their last objective before death. The mask is taxing, though not as much as the non-nuva form, as it slows processing, masking it more difficult to fight.


I like it but maybe since it is a nuva mask it should look a little more organic

I wave my artistic liberties to design it as I think it would appear best, but I get what you mean and I counter point with the other six/seven nuva masks, the adapted nuva masks from 2009.

Plus the Nuva Akaku had a microphone. However I do get your point.