Nuva Rahkshi Boobs

Here is my greatest MOC of all time for 2014/2015, it took me years to make this MOC with the best pieces that are Rahkshi Head and Nuva shoulders. I mean you guys gotta be crazy to say that this MOC is not good, you must be jelly by this MOC.

There are more picture on my deviantArt, hope you all "love it"


Honestly, this is the best joke MoC on the site.

"Joke MOC" what are you talking about, this is 100% 360 legit MOC, "no joke what so ever"

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Oh. Sorry, the Rahkshi Boobs made me think it was a joke. overall I like the design, but lose the nuva boobs.

Are you crazy, the Nuva Boobs are "the greatest thing to put on female MOC" and female MOCs are only good "when they have Nuva Boobs on"


I don't think @Makuta_Verakion gets it...

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I get it.

Uh... I do believe this topic might be deleted. No offence to the MoCer.

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Improves MOCing genre 300% by having dual colored hair

It is a joke

The most obvious part is when he says "are you crazy, it's not a joke"


😂 funny

Yes, in fact

"omg so hawt." I've "never seen" anything with such a "creative" and "inventive" design. It's "not like" that exact moc has been done to death.

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Ya, this is hte "most original" MOC of "all times" smiley

I thought you just said "he"

I might have died

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