Nyla the Cybershot

Okay here's a hybrid moc named Nyla. This was my second hybrid moc I based up to BioRockDudes Tings moc. Design is heavily modified but not too hard to build when you figure out basics. Moc contains mostly CCBS and Techic part. She stands about 30 cm high and it takes a moment to get on poses. She's interesting case but I thinks she's just fine. If you found ways to make better custom head using that mask I would like to know.


Hard to make a real judgement on only the pictures given, but from what I can see, she's okay.

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I am getting a jungle/hunter impression (Which I like ). The argument can be made that some parts are a bit messy. The head is what really bothers me. It just doesn't look like a proper head.

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Yes you're right and I'm currently fixing some of details. For a start this moc was hard to build because I was running low on right colored parts.

Not very good pictures. could you post one of just her standing?

Sure thing.

She's a bit cluttered, though still cool. I like her, but she's almost too complicated. Good work.

I think she's too cluttered with technic bits.

This MOC is awkward. Although the designs are nice, they don't seem to work here. Maybe try some new designs and this MOC will look more complete and thought out. Nice work, though. Keep it up. :smile:

Looks cool, though some clearer pictures would be nice :smile:

Pretty nice design... But the head looks a bit wonky...