Nyran MOC: KyoryuYellow1138 Edition

I found a silver Kakama in my collection. Making a Nyran MOC was the only logical choice.

There's Nyran, with his silver Kakama.

Some different angles of Nyran.

With his cloak off.

With his sword. LATERAL BICEP MOVEMENT!!!1!1!1!!!!!1one!!1!!1!

Head design. The white studs are actually glow-in-the-dark, but my camera sucks, so I can't show you an image of the eyes in the dark.
So, what do you guys think of this?


So wait, is that thing on his side his weapon? If not, that's a pretty big con. If so, how did you get it there?

Otherwise, pretty solid MOC.

Edit: Nevermind, some images weren't loading.

I feel like the tusk on the side of his head is out of place. It looks very awkward.

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I could use something more around the shoulders.

Also, words cannot describe how disappoint I would've been if I didn't have Lateral Bicep movement.

Did you not see the pic of me holding the very same sword?

Anyway, uh, I like that you kept my lower leg armor, and the head looks fantastic.

The torso could stand to be better. Just like, longer. And along those lines, maybe make the waist have more of a standard connection, with the balloints on the torso, instead of the legs. More articulation that way.

Nice choice for the sword.

It's MOC accurate, to the original. It's Nyran's one horn.

One of these days, I'll get to making ToroCentaur Nyran, with both horns.


The arms are a bit disproportionate to the legs. Maybe they could be bulked up a little.

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I made an edit. Go back and look.

It's still a con.

It's also primarily an issue with My MOC first, which this is inspired by.

As a result, any complaints with the concept should be brought up with my MOC. I am aware that you still may not like it no matter which version, but you should still be so good as to acknowledge the source material.

Also, saw your edit.


The torso is the way it is so that it can accommodate the cloak. If I made it any longer, or put ball joints in the waist, I wouldn't be able to put on the cloak. I am working on the shoulders, though.

Update #1: The Upper Arms
Well, I did it.

Like I said before, the torso must be the way it already is to accommodate the cloak.


take pictures of this moc and your pakuru moc fighting
please laughing

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Here, Shadezy.

You're welcome.


I see a crowd has gathered for the ensuing fight.


Is that Tahu I see in the backround?

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It is. Terribad's there, too, but he's behind Pakuru.

This is pretty awesome Kyoryu! I'd r8 8/8 m8

also i'm surprised you haven't MOCd me yet

apparently its a trend

Pakuru wins.

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When I get Nuju Metru. (In other words, when Amazon has one in stock for about $10.)

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when that happens, sign me up please. I need a metru nuju desperately. XD

Currently, the cheapest one there is $25. I AIN'T PAYING THAT MUCH!

If only I could use this site...


You see, I forgot my eBay password, and Bricklink is WAAAAAY too complicated to use, so that's why I use Amazon.
Anyways, here's the rest of the fight.

Pakuru wins.



Actually, I sort of feel bad for Nyran. Losing in his own topic.

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