Nyran the MOC. Dem low quality Selfies tho

See, it's a play on words. Like, selfie as in the photo, and then like, as in Self-MOC. Sorry, that was awful of me. I'll just move on to the stuff

I dunno why, but I just like this pose. Again, forgive the horrid picture quality, as I stated with my Nindroid MOCs. Uh, yeah, I liked the Silver on black, with the Dark Trans Blue accents.

And here's this shot of just him standing. I imagine there are those that may see him as kinda generic, but I kinda like him. Could be worse. Could have a Takanuva Mask

Without the cape. I like this look as well.

And the back.

He uses this head design, I wanna say it belongs to Banjax from MOCPages, but yeah, credit to whoever.

And here's a comparison to Stormer 1.0, 'cause I had nothing better to compare it to.

His sword, Rhisling. I like the way this came out a lot.

EPIK SORD POES. Yeah, I kinda suck at posing.

So yeah, another SelfMoc, sorry for Generic. I'll try to post better, more original content in the future, so please forgive me, TTV community.


This MOC is really cool!
What would you say his strongest personality traits are?

Nyran is very much confident and cocky when alone, but much the coward when in the presence of things he considers a genuine threat.

He is very much an actor, having many a secret to keep, and much experience emulating the traits and aspects of others, be it becoming everquick thinktalking in Treespeak, or knowing when to be silent and observant like a Ko Matoran.

Nyran is immature, due to recently becoming a Toa(Like, near the end of the Reign of Shadows) and will often act childish much to the dismay or irritation of his fellow Toa.

Hope that sums it up properly for you.


Very interesting.

Sounds like a very fun character to have in a good cast of Toa.

You stated that Nyran is generally immature, so, since even Matau grew up,
will his charcter mature with:
- your growth,
- future story ideas or
- stay forever locked as the Toa he was made?


Oh, of course he's gonna grow. He will change as I do, and I do have a big story in mind that I'm in the process of writing with a friend, and so you'll see that eventually.

I want to eventually get a version of all my main Toa Team MOCs up here eventually, but we'll see about it as time goes on. Waiting to get some parts for some of them, and others I'm just kinda not happy with ATM.

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A very cool MOC. I like your choice of color scheme.

Disclaimer: I only criticize to help improve

* interesting build
* solid color scheme
* good contrast with the darker mask
* best sword design I've seen in a while
* usually HF torso armor is a con for me, but you pulled it off amazingly
* proportions seem a little off (the upper legs and torso are a little to scrawny for the arms and lower legs)
* the trans blue seems a little in your face. In a revamp try minimizing it a little or choose spots for it that don't stick out as much.
* the one horn doesn't quite fit the rest of the MOC. I assume it has to do with his backstory, so an explanation would be nice.
Overall it is a pretty good MOC.


Love the Kakama, the sword and the cape. Everything is quite amazing but the spike on his head quite distracting. ~Detox

Heh. The darker mask part was actually kinda unintentional. Just the best, closest thing to normal silver I could find.

The horn is again, not so much backstory as it is, well, story. Stuff that has yet to happen. I kinda thought it looked cool, but I can see why it would look odd to some. >.<

I really appreciate your words, and I will take them to heart with another version eventually. I'm really happy by all the feedback I've gotten, compared to back on MOCPages, where I got like, none.

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Yeah, I used to be on Mocpages too, but I just couldn't find the time to type out entire pages.

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To be honest I like the horn.

If anything, the only problem I had with him was his color scheme.
I thought it didn't match his colorful attitude.

But, now that I know he is a Toa of Shadow he is a much more interesting character smile


Yeah, Toa of shadow has been a recurring theme in my stories.

Well, he sorta stemmed from the idea of "Isn't Inner Light and Shadow(Fundamental) separate from Outer Light and Shadow(Elelmental) so I wanted to make a totally normal guy, a hero, with shadow powers.

Aight, so here are my new additions to Nyran that I talked about in the topic labeled "Dichotomy" so yeah.

So I gave him a new thigh design, with no silver, really, but it's custom, which was the goal in the first place.

And here's what he looks like without the Horn, or "Pre-RoT" form, as I'll call it.

Also, just a look at these side cape-coattail things from the back, made of technic plated that he wears under the cloth cape. It may clash, but I personally think it works.

And here's another attempt to make a cool pose. Dunno how good I did.


Nice update. It helps with the proportion and inyourface-ness of the trans blue. Good job.

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I like both versions smile

I really like the design of the build and color scheme.