Obligatory Board PPL Sketches ( Taking Requests )

So, it seems that just about everybody who has any sort of drawing capabilities has done one of these already, so I decided to throw mine in the bunch as well. First off we have @BlueCel and @Turaga_Hewkii

I drew BlueHue drawing her most inspirrigational drawing ever, and Hewkii as a teacher cuz he is one apparently. And here is @Whaddon the moba lover.

Here are the Dragonihippie of war and the allmighty Lord @GIF.Man.Ben and @Lord_Tuma

This is the next batch:
@Asriel @Mrblackpants @SwagMeister


@Yveran @Omega_Tahu @EvilLobsterKing

@Winterstorm345 @Spiderus_Prime @Booster_Gold

@Middlefingerstudios @jacques @darkbrick999




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I look neat as the Broken Lords Leader

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haha nice!

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Wow! I didn't even have to ask for this! Thanks! :smiley:

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Can I be a cool kid too?

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This is perfection.

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I wonder if should do something for the community... hmm...

Can I request an art?


These are pretty good I must say.


Those look like if does like you draw my characters. :laughing:

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It's soo cute :blush:.

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I'd like to have a stab at it.
May I have a request of my self-moc? (He's under the name "Kaligix")

Its 1:25 ere, so Il do the requests tomorrow morrow. Also @Spiderus_Prime Wat?

I'll take one. I'd like a combination of my self MOC (pictured below),with my real self. Basically, give my self MOC a sumbararo with a bowler hat on top of that, a purple bandanna worn bandit style, glasses, and a cammo snugie worn trench coat style. Oh, and a shot gun.

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I'll request too. Just draw my profile pic

If you felt like drawing a Lobster that would be cool.
You don't have to though...

Well I just saying about drawing any of my characters,but there's a Lion and Owl.

Bery good boris
you are bictorious at creating the great Swag

Me please!