Obscure/Ridiculous LEGO/BIONICLE Products Discussion

Vacuum Metal Krana Kal acquired recently is probably the rarest at this point in my collection.

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Can you show us a picture of it?

I have some Gresh swords in the wrong shade of green and a syndrome head misprint that misses one eye. The rarest set I own is eithe Toa lhikan and kikanalo or Toa Hagah Norik and Irunii. Also I have some vintage lego sets from 1974 with the original boxes.

Can you show us this missprints?

I could probably get some pictures of them by tomorrow.

I heard the black chrome Darth Vader minifig is kinda special? Got that from ToysRus.
Also have the chrome TC-14 minifig.

If Toa Hagah are considered rare - I have Iruini 2 1/2 times and Norik 4 times.

Then there's my complete '01 Kanohi collection.

My rarest complete Bionicle set probably is Lesovikk, though, considering that it uses parts only included in that set and as far as I know it wasn't sold in my country.

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Pics or it didn't happen.

I’ll do you one better:

Video, which you even commented on. :wink:


Oh blast I remember this.


oh this. this was a great story.

Here's the pictures:

Here's some extras:


I own the golden lego games dice. which was a promotional item only sold in germany. this promotional release of sulfurix, BR toys promotional minifigure. red walker and red good guy two promotional exo force sets given out with Swedish comic books. oh and of course good guy 06, bad guy 06 and bad guy 07. none except the die and sulfurix is especially rare.


The topic to discuss various LEGO-based apparel. To start with, I owned the following shirts

I’ve just realized I owned more LEGO shirts than I thought I did. I can’t find images for them, but I also had a LEGO Pirates ■■■■■ and a couple of Ninjago shirts, one of them with golden Lloyd on it.


I saw an Ehlek T-■■■■■ on BrickLink, but I’d anyone sold it, I know it wouldn’t be my size.

Really? That’s cool! I also saw a Hackann ■■■■■, I think you know about it

I always wanted to wear bionicle…

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I used to have a Ninjago ■■■■■ and a LEGO movie ■■■■■, but they’re much too small now.

I had a boring ■■■■■, it was all blue, just with a LEGO logo label on it, and small now, of course

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Hm. I thought clothing was a specific enough subject to warrant it’s own topic. I guess not. Also, I want the hat that has the three virtues logo.


Weird LEGO products huh? My brother has the Lloyd Halloween costume. It’s… interesting

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Yeah, those Ninjago Halloween costumes are a bit… blocky. Still, I’m sure it looks better than the Lloyd costume I made this year – in which I drew in Sharpie on two green pieces of paper and taped them to my jacket.

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