Obsidian Mech (kind of a bioformer)

So i actually made this topic a about a few days ago, but the photos were all sideways and i didn’t have time to fix it til now. I watched pacific rim uprising the day it came out and it kind of put me into this overdrive mode and i decided to create another exo suit. Since i can’t draw or sculpt, I use bionicles as a medium to tell stories from my oc sci universe. The story for this moc is kind of too long for a moc topic, but if you’re curious, just ask and i’ll reply with the moc’s backstory. I already have 2 other exo suits with the same frames but different weapons, color and armor. I really wanted to make this exo suit stand out from the other two so i decided to make this exo suit kind of transform (i need extra pieces to fully transform the suit into a car).

Exo suit form and evasion mode. I was very inspired by bayformers (i’m a big fan of the transformer designs but not really a fan of the plot)

Obsidian War mech and pilot Esme

Esme has a kind of long backstory, so long story short. She used to be a Knight (an ancient order of protectors responsible for peacekeeping in war-torn planets) but was banished from the order for creating the Obsidian war mech. She built this mech because she was tired of only keeping the peace rather than going after criminals who were causing terror.

She carries a marksman rifle, 2 heavy handguns, 6 grenades, and a large knife.

The suit was originally red, white and blue but it looked too silly and i couldn’t take the suite seriously. i decided to drop a lotta cash on bricklink to buy orange and black technic plates and based the color off hot rod and obsidian fury.

The red pieces inside the suit are supposed to emphasize where the pilot connects to the suit. Also when the pilot is out of the suit, it’s kind of hard to pose since waist becomes slightly looser.

Takes about 2 minutes to put the pilot into the mech

The head is inspired by sideswipe from the bayformers and the orange mouth piece is supposed to hint at obsidian fury’s face.

Obsidian’s weapons

So every one of my exo suits has this kind of power mode/god mode. this exo suit has two since i can’t decide between the two. both power/god modes are very much still wip.

The other god mode which is heavily based off anubis

I tried to make a better anubis head but i could cause i suck. i looked on google for bionicle anubis heads but they were all system and i don’t have system. and I’m lazy.

The orb on the right is a sentinel heart that is very powerful weapon. I haven’t decided exactly what it can do but so far it just shoots huge laser beams.

These are the extra frames that complete the mech’s transformation into a car. I knew way back then (about 5 years when i wanted to do this) that if i did make a transforming exo suit that i’d need extra pieces to put on the mech suit. and all the parts from the mech are still attached, they’re just placed in different parts to conceal them.

It kind of looks like a car right? I’m just gonna say it’s a futuristic sci car sports car to hide the fact that it looks kind of weird. Sadly, there is no actual wheel inside the car for the pilot to steer. With the help of cameras placed outside of the mech, the inside of the car has holographic monitors that allow the pilot to have a 360 view outside of the car and the “steering wheel” is made out of hardlight.

The way the mech transforms is that it basically sits with it’s legs stretched out in front of it’s torso with it’s arms by it’s side. i wanted to hide the arms but i was lazy and decided that it could be used as offensive weapon for the car.

And that’s it. The mech’s head and the wings are based off/copied from this moccer:
https : // www.flickr.com/photos/134378223@N05/page1

If you have any questions for me, i’d be happy to answer. Thanks!

3 down, 1 more to go. I’m trying to create this 4 horsemen of the apocalypse theme but with mechs. Each mech belongs to a different pilot who allegiances differ and if the these mechs ever came together they could bring the end of the world.


Thats awesome.

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This $#!# is amazing and I love it! Holy moly that is sick!

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I can definitely see the inspiration from Obsidian Fury (and maybe even a little bit of TLK Hotrod).

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Kind of a Bioformer?

I’d say that’s a full on Bioformer, and a darn great one! Both forms look amazing!

Stellar work!

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That be big, very nice!

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Impressive. … Most impressive.

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@Chromeharpoon Yeah definitely, I like obsidian fury way more than i thought i would and wanted to incorporate some of it’s atmosphere into this moc. And yeah, i was totally looking at pictures of tlk hot rod while building this.

@PakariNation99 yeah i was hesitant to fully call it a bioformer since you have to completely take some pieces of the mech off and put it somewhere completely different (i have to take the mechs head off and connect it to a frame between the calves of the moc). And cause i need to add extra frames like the front bumper,hood,wheels, etc. and then when it’s not transformed the frames are just in a container like the pic below. It’s not a traditional “bioformer”. Thanks for the support man, was totally worried that everyone would bomb on the car mode.

@Kardax yeah, my newer mech frames are pretty big and it kind of worked to my advantage since the car mode is a realistic size when compared to the pilot.

@RogueToa Hopefully ven thinks the same, been trying to get on the moc spotlight for almost 3 years now dude, lol.


I want one.

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This is extremely impressive. Without a doubt. Well done.

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that is amazing

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@Leoxander I actually have tutorial on how to make the 2015 mech frame (which is the same frame as this exo suit) which is a topic on the message boards. It’s a really bad tutorial though cause i was lazy. i might make a new tutorial when/if i do make a 4th mech suit. and it’ll just be me building the mech suit from the start. idk yet though cause i’m really short on pieces right now.


Wow that’s insane! So cool to see such a large MOC have a transformation. Looks great dude, awesome weapons too

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This is a very cool MOC, but the lighting really ruins the display x(

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Yeah, i’ve never been very good with taking photos, they looks so cool in person and then i look at the photos i take and they look like trash.

This is wicked cool man! Great work!

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Amazing work!

I’d like to compare it to my self-moc’s mech, when I get it done :smiley:

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@DarkTakanuva Thanks! and for sure bro, i get huge inspiration from other people’s mechs and i’m actually working on the 4th mech suit right now, just trying to figure out the color scheme.

Your MOC was featured on the latest episode of The Bionicle Inspiration Series

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Sweet! Though perhaps use less colours, like a primary and a secondary, as with amazingly large builds, details tend to blend together in a messy way. P.S. Anyone who likes pacific rim and kaiju is great.

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