Obsolic L.L Mecha

Hey guys! Here’s Obsolic L.L ,the double “L” stands for Lock ‘n’ Loaded, you’ll find out in a sec, let’s get to it!

New moc I made, as you can see its quite the contrast to my previous Moc “Apricity” it still has that “animeish” mecha vibe to it thats cause I really like the style of it.

Back view. From the back you can already see the massive railguns and waist cannons. Which I love so much.

Close up of head/torso I really went for one eyed war machine look for this guy and I think it looks pretty sweet!!

Close up of arms

The fingers are balljointed and hence really helps with posing cause hands can really express a lot in a figure. Which in this case is pretty important to me.

Close up of legs

It also has waist articulation

The dudes armed to the teeth with weapons
The waist cannons can be flipped forward

Pretty cool idea in my opinion

Next its got 2 big railguns, in my head big=powerful so yea!

When the railguns activate, flaps open at the back. Sorta like a jet intake thing at the back which charges the “hyper-beam” railgun if that makes any sense.

It even has bicep blasters hidden under its armour

It can also activate all weapons at once. It’s awesome might, so much powar

Just a wave of destruction, immediate incineration of enemies.

So thats all for now, I really like it personally. Please like and comment what you think about him!!


This is epic, it could take down Eljay easily with that open pin launcher


@Umarak Thanks that was the entire point of its creation.

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I really like the look of this guy.

How stable is it?

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He has my colors and my approval.


He’s pretty stable, the legs have extra balljoint connections and the feet are pretty long, the least stable part is probably the hip/thigh connection, where most of the moc’s weight is supported on.
@Xevins Thanks!

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I thought that would be the case.

I just thought he might have some balance issues, cause he is pretty bulky, and the canons stick out…

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He’s alright, however his builds pretty solid so even if he falls over during posing its not a problem. Thanks for the critque, really appreciate it!

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Looks cool! Reminds me a lot of Hawken. :slight_smile:

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I always love concepts like these, but it overall looks cluttered. I’d try to streamline the shaping a bit more.

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@WOLKsite Thanks, that was the type of mecha I was going for!
@Joe Thanks for the critique, thats because Obsolic mainly uses technic and G1 pieces and the outline I was going for was the “heavy duty war mecha” style, though I can definitely see where your coming from, thanks for the critique!

I was hoping for a system mecha… RIP

The shoulder connection seem thin, but I dig the pin launcher. I would like to see what it looks like without the railguns

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Woooooou this is sooo SICK ! Thumbs up mate !

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It’s beautiful


This thing looks AMAZING

The only issue is the exposed balljoints and blue pins, but those are easily looked over.

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Those Railguns though.

Looks a bit cluttered, but i guess the overall image compensates that.

It looks fantastic.

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The proportions and a lot of the overall design aspects of this moc remind me a lot of D.VA’s mech from Overwatch… Which is in no way a bad thing :^)

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@Omega_Tahu Oops sorry haha, welp thanks for the critique and comment! Without the railguns Obsolic just looks more “bottom heavy” since its waist cannons is all it’s got.
@BiotronicMocs Thanks man, really appreciate it!!
@Ghosty Thanks Ghosty!!
@Yveran Hey thanks for the awesome comment!
@Kan I know, those railguns are rail cool, thank you
for your comment sir.
@Jayfa Aww yeah thanks for the comment!!:^)

Some of the textures and aspects of his design do kind of detract from the overall look, but the greebly nature of the MOC works well here I find, and the design overall is really cool.

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C -c -c cooolll

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