Ocean Lord (Gadunka MOC)

So this is my first uploaded moc, the ocean lord, really had no idea on the name. I modeled him after the gadunka, the head and legs are basically the same just armored up a bit more. His left arm is a claw with fins and the right is a ripping claw, two movable talons in the front by gears in the back.

Originally he was going to have some sphere storage on his back like the inika storage but the build prevents it, comments and criticism are welcome.

(More pics on imgur)

Moc: Ocean Lord by Kardax

Perhaps a little gappy, however definitely well on it's way...

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Not to be mean or anything but its gappy, not much armor, the gahlok shields on the side makes the head look awkward, open ball joints, and I feel it was going to be hard to Moc a titan, but great job.

thanks for the advice, i'll see if i can fix that

You need to hurry @Mesonak might show up. :stuck_out_tongue:

i don't think i'll work on it for a while and i won't update this topic

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Inserted image directly into topic -legomaster

@TheMatoroMovement is right. This guy feels very gappy and not cohesive in places. Remember: "Quantity doesn't always equal quality."

What were you trying to achieve with this MOC? A towering titan using the Gadunka build as a base? A Gadunka revamp?


@MaximumWarp. All I need to say.

Anyhow, the torso's messy, the limbs seem fragile and impractical, since they can't bend much. The guy's also a sea creature, and shouldn't be so humanoid. Open balljoints are terrible for use, and hurt the MOC potential. Lastly, the Gappiness hurts the MOC, as with the random Brutaka-styled daggers on his side.

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towering titan i guess, fair point with the gaps. As for the placement of the head, it is usually supposed to be over the torso as with the gadunka head

doesn't feel right for Gadunka

I think matt rubbed off on me, but I think he should be a squat thing with his entire face being his torso and his limbs being shorter, but as a stand-alone moc it could be alright. I have to agree with everyone on the build tho

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Wait why am I here? Looks at MOC




You DO want all Gadunkas perfect, eh?

Perfect? No, that would be asking too much.


suffice to say, This moc is pretty hit in miss for me
The torso is too big, and the arms are too gappy, it looks like it skipped leg day, but went for foot day, it doesn't capture the spirit of gadunka
At all
The open balljoints ruin it too
I would say around the 5/10 mark
Probably 4/10
I will say, the head looks nice

What it does do good, it does pretty well
I suggest making this smaller, titan MOCs are hard to pull off


Thanks, i agree, but what would you do with the open ball joints on the upper shoulders?



oh my oh my oh my thats a huge moc.

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