Of Uncommon Elements and Takes on Kanohi Masks

You don’t see a Toa of Lightning everyday, that’s for sure. This one in particular however is just a random Toa I decided to draw up for fun, and not some OC. The kanohi she’s wearing is (as the dialogue in the art suggests) a Miru, but my take on the noble variant at that. I wanted to make it look more like the classic Miru we all knew and grew up loving.


She is not pleased.

It’s better than nothing, at the very least.

To be honest, the mask reminds me more of a Kaukau - the squared off eye and cheekholes remind me of the Kaukau’s visor and… canisters? The blue probably isn’t helping either, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, nice drawing!

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what if you were to keep that kind of shape but add in the grills that Tanma’s Miru had?

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I was actually going to do that in the process of the drawing, but I wanted it to look more closer to the Miru’s great variant.