Offical Eljay's Reviews Topic

Plz no. Focusing on a single theme is better.

I’d say you should review Slizers or Robo Riders, they’re cool and there are really few reviews on Youtube.

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No, pls no. Just2good’s reviews are repetitive and annoying. I don’t want my dear Eljay to become like him.

I know this is unlikely, but will you consider reviewing Racers sets?

Do not double post. -Eljay

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When talking about Just2good, I was mostly referring to his popularity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here we go once more!


The 2006 finale video just came out, let’s now get hyped for 2007! I hope the break isn’t very long!!!

If I had to hazard any guesses, there is a good chance it’ll be a couple months. No guarantee, just an early guess.


Finally! After such a big gap between 06’ and 07’, it’s finally out!

Btw, that “Wow, I got Hewki Mahri” joke was really funny IMO… I would definitely like to see more of those!