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This will not be counting polybags or boxed collections.

Imperial TIE Fighter: 4 regular sets (2003, 2005, 2012, 2018) and a UCS in 2015.

TIE Bomber: One from 2003.

TIE Interceptor: One from 2006 and a UCS in 2000.

Darth Vader’s Advance TIE: 3 regular sets (1999, 2009, 2016) and a UCS in 2006.

TIE Crawler: Only one from 2007

TIE Defender: Only one form 2010

TIE Striker: One from 2016

If we get a UCS TIE Bomber, it would complete the original TIE family since we’ve got one for Vader’s/Advance, Interceptor, and the normal TIE.

As I said, I’m a sucker for Imperial tech :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Besides, it’s been 17 years since we last got a play-scale TIE Bomber, while it’s only been 7 years since the last Republic Gunship was sold.

We get TIEs literally every year how can you think of these as valid reasons

We may get TIE Fighters fairly frequently, but there’s only been one TIE Bomber (from 2003). Republic Gunships, however, have been released three times, with the last one being from 2013. That being said, of the three options for the next UCS set, the Gunship probably would’ve been my second choice, since I’m also a fan of Republic tech :wink:

How dare you wink at me separatist scum

Well, I’m actually a fan of the Galactic Republic (as well as the Galactic Empire, since I prefer the more organized factions) so…

Also, this is starting to get a little off-topic, so we probably should end the discussion here.

I voted for the Escort Frigate, since it’s the only one out of the three that hasn’t appeared in LEGO from before.

I love democracy…


prequel trilogy forever

Predictable results, to be sure. As I said, the Gunship would’ve been my second choice.

Okay, that’s a little uncalled for…

That’s Rise for ya. Don’t take it personally :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah… the gunship won

My question is: what could they do to improve this model?

If they want to go all out, they could make a 250$ set that is still minifig scale. It could feature modular components such as removable ball turrets, front spotlights, a sticker sheet with options for different gunship nose art…

What do you guys think? What do you want to see?

I want a $500 set so all the poor kids can’t afford it. It should include all the ARC troopers from the 2003 animated series and Jedi Master Bob(yellow skin*). It should also have electric light and sound, powered up components, gearbox operated bay doors, and be built modularly for easy assembly and storage.

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Pretty much what you suggested, with the added requirement of Jedi Bob being present.


Guys my dad works for lego and he says the gunship is going to really fly

The results from the second 2019 review stage have been posted. Here’s the link:

I personally look forward to the Winnie the Pooh project’s release, and I may even buy the Medieval Blacksmith as well, depending on how much it costs.

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I am really glad the Medieval Blacksmith won! If the price is within my budget, I might get it.
It’s really nice that we are finally getting a new Castle set after all those years.


So Pirates of Barracuda Bay was just unveiled. Looks great, brings back memories of lego racers and the lego legends enchanted island set I had as a kid. Still have it, though it’s been disassembled for years. Not sure if I’ll buy Barracuda Bay or not.


Pirates of Baracuda Bay is the best LEGO Ideas set ever made, period. I really hope we get more sets like this.


Question mark.

This is a bold statement that’s not as self evident as you may think it is. I want to know why.


It’s not a licensed theme.